No longer an mvp

So January is here, and I have been informed I am no longer an MVP.

I held the MVP award for 9 years, so I am happy with that, would have been nice to make it a 10th, but hey ho

To be honest I am not too surprised by this announcement, as I have become more and more interested in a wider range of things, such as

  • Scala
  • Akka
  • Play
  • Cassandra
  • Kafka

I also spent most of the last year blogging about these subjects.

I was told that MVPs these days are contributing about 120 blobs per year in the UK so that is what one is up against.

I have 2 kids so that’s not going to happen for me, like ever, anyone with 2 or more kids will know what I mean here

Like I say I am not surprised, it has been great to be recognized as an MVP, even though I never did go to a single MVP summit (should have doh)

And I would like to thank Microsoft for the opportunity to preach the good word.

I would also like to personally thank Chris Maunder of who was the chap that originally nominated me, thanks so much Chris. Chris you rock.

As for what’s next for me, I am going to continue to blog, and I hope to get back into writing articles for again after a break from that.

You can expect me to keep on writing about stuff that I enjoy.

So for now over and out, thanks for all the support over the years guys/girls.


MVP For 2016

Well I just got the email from the big house. I am an MVP for 2016 for “Visual Studio and Development Technologies”. This will be the 9th time I have been awarded the MVP award. Neato

Interesting thing is I spent 1/2 of last year working with the JVM / open source (few Apache projects) which I started to blog about. Whilst I spent the other 1/2 on .NET, so I honestly did not think I would be receiving the MVP award this time around, so it was a nice surprise. Awards are always nice.

That said I have never tried to “GET” the MVP award. It is nice when you get recognized for your efforts, but right now I am really enjoying the open source stuff, and I will be continuing to work with that for sure. I will ALWAYS have time for .NET, I love it. My current role has me spending 50% of my time in .NET land, and the other 50% in Scala and open source, so I am a happy camper right now.

I will continue to blog about stuff that I personally find interesting, and if that is .NET / Scala / open source stuff, so be it. Hopefully that will cover .NET and the other stuff of interest that I am digging lately. Only time will tell.


Anyway thanks Microsoft, and thanks to all the readers of my blog. Happy new year to you all







MVP 2015 : New Years Treat

So I have been enjoiying my XMAS period off, and have not touched my computer in a while, and when I did finally check my email, I was quite pleased to find an email saying that I have been selected as an MVP again.

I never take this award for granted, and it is nice to get it, so I do actually feel quite privileged to have this award.

So thanks Microsoft.




2013 Gift Horse : I’m An MVP For 2013

So I have been a bit quite on the old blog/article front of late, and I will be fixing that soon. Watch one for one on Node.Js which should be out very soon, where you can see it here/codeproject.

In the mean time I am very happy to announce that the nice people at Microsoft have seen fit to give me a MVP award for 2013. Cool. Thanks Microsoft


New Years Treat

I have just received an email from Microsoft stating that I am still a Most Valuable Professional (MVP for those in the know, nudge nudge wink wink) for 2011….Cool

The MVP award means a lot to me, as it is not something one can study a book and take an exam for, its driven by your community contributions and must go before a Microsoft committee each year, to see if you still qualify, so its always good to know you did it again.


MVP 2010

Microsoft have seen fit to award me the MVP award again for 2010. I am most pleased about this, I really like being an MVP and I like the challenges making sure that am awarded the MVP award again brings with it, so it always nice to get rewarded for your efforts.



Codeproject MVP Status For 2009

I just go a new email from Chris Maunder the chap that started and runs, and I have received an MVP award from it, for the articles I wrote in 2008.

I love codeproject, and I find writing articles to be very personally rewarding as they give me something to focus/learn from. The benifts that come with being a MVP both for Microsoft and codeproject are great, and I would encourage anyone of you to have a go at contributing something to the community.


Most Valuable Professional 2009….Hooray

Today I got back from my XMAS holidays (I went to Paris….nice), to find a nice new shiny email in my inbox from the nice folk at Microsoft to say that I had been awarded the MVP award for 2009 for Visual C#.

This is a fantastic honour and one that I most pleased about. The MVP award not only tells me that I am helping the community but that people have thought enough of my efforts to tell Microsoft about it, which is the really pleasing thing in all of this…..Oh and the free MSDN subscription is also quite nice.

So thanks to you all and thanks Microsoft.


MVP Status

I just got back from New York where I met up with JOsh Smith, the crazy WPF MVP. And in my inbox when I got back was a really nice email. Guess what I am also now an Microsoft MVP in Visual C# for 2008 Hooray.

Oh and a double whammy, I am also a MVP.


Hard work pays off…If you want to get something good, you have to do some good. For me to get the MVP I wrote 32 articles on C# in the space of 1 year. There were some small ones, but there were also some very in depth articles there. If you are interested in this, you can check it out at the following url sacha barbers articles