MVP For 2016

Well I just got the email from the big house. I am an MVP for 2016 for “Visual Studio and Development Technologies”. This will be the 9th time I have been awarded the MVP award. Neato

Interesting thing is I spent 1/2 of last year working with the JVM / open source (few Apache projects) which I started to blog about. Whilst I spent the other 1/2 on .NET, so I honestly did not think I would be receiving the MVP award this time around, so it was a nice surprise. Awards are always nice.

That said I have never tried to “GET” the MVP award. It is nice when you get recognized for your efforts, but right now I am really enjoying the open source stuff, and I will be continuing to work with that for sure. I will ALWAYS have time for .NET, I love it. My current role has me spending 50% of my time in .NET land, and the other 50% in Scala and open source, so I am a happy camper right now.

I will continue to blog about stuff that I personally find interesting, and if that is .NET / Scala / open source stuff, so be it. Hopefully that will cover .NET and the other stuff of interest that I am digging lately. Only time will tell.


Anyway thanks Microsoft, and thanks to all the readers of my blog. Happy new year to you all








  1. I write the same like last year, you deserve it !
    And Microsoft is going more and more towards open source,
    both of you are doing well šŸ™‚

    Congrats !


  2. Congrats Sacha , your hard work and efforts should always be recognized. You are a very well respected person in the industry.

    On a side note I have a question regarding some wpf mvvm process. Do you take person emails ?

    Thanks again for your help.


    1. Thanks John.

      I don’t take emails that much, but if you can figure my email out go for it.

      It just might be my first name dot my last name @


  3. Hello Sacha,

    We dont know us but I just wanted to THANK YOU for all your samples you have let in the CodeProject web site. I have learned so much with your “super samples”.

    And I think “the big house” can send you today the MVP certifcate for the ten next years :).

    Thank’s for you presence on the web.



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