Codeproject MVP Status For 2009

I just go a new email from Chris Maunder the chap that started and runs, and I have received an MVP award from it, for the articles I wrote in 2008.

I love codeproject, and I find writing articles to be very personally rewarding as they give me something to focus/learn from. The benifts that come with being a MVP both for Microsoft and codeproject are great, and I would encourage anyone of you to have a go at contributing something to the community.



  1. Awesome job on Codeproject. I’ve used your image thumbnail management code on several of my sites and thank you for that :). But I have an issue with the program when trying to access images stored in DB by other method and when the given image is not jpg. I get error “A Graphics object cannot be created from an image that has an indexed pixel format.” whenever i try to get and resize the image. Here’s the code part:
    Line 151: Bitmap bitmap = new Bitmap((int)new_width, (int)new_height, m_src_image.PixelFormat);
    Line 152: m_graphics = Graphics.FromImage(bitmap);


  2. Thats probably something to do with ImageFormat, which GDI uses. Search around on google someone will show you to use other image formats, its pretty standard stuff, I think, I just have no time right now


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