Most Valuable Professional 2009….Hooray

Today I got back from my XMAS holidays (I went to Paris….nice), to find a nice new shiny email in my inbox from the nice folk at Microsoft to say that I had been awarded the MVP award for 2009 for Visual C#.

This is a fantastic honour and one that I most pleased about. The MVP award not only tells me that I am helping the community but that people have thought enough of my efforts to tell Microsoft about it, which is the really pleasing thing in all of this…..Oh and the free MSDN subscription is also quite nice.

So thanks to you all and thanks Microsoft.



  1. Congratulations.. having been a frequent reader of your articles, i can say that you deserve it since, the beginning steps i made in wpf were through your articles.. Good Work………. Expecting you to lead us through the programming world.


  2. Congraulations!

    I try to read ur article. I got only 50 % bcoz I am beginner in WPF and WCF.
    But still I like Ur article.

    Gr8 Contributions from Ur side

    Congratulations Once Again


  3. One tries one best Jon. Hope all is well with you man, I spoke to Ryan the other week, he was pesting me about getting a job in the big smoke.


  4. Hey mate,

    Congratulations. I have been trying to keep up with your WPF articles but you are quite fast .. hehe 🙂

    Btw, How do you become a MVP? I know Microsoft people selects, but how?

    Thanks for all the wisdom share 🙂


  5. Mohib

    You have to be nominated by the community to Microsoft and then they look at your contributions and take it from there. They also send you loads of questions, and to renew it they look at an internal MVP website to see what you have been up to over the last 12 months.

    Thanks anyhow


  6. Hey sacha,

    thanks for the info.

    Btw which community you talking about? the MSDN Forums?

    Congratulations once again and may you be MVP year after year 🙂


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