About Me


My name is Sacha Barber, I am what one would probably describe as a nerd. I basically love software, and I especially like .NET, thus the nice domain name

So let me tell you a little bit about myself, I live in Brighton in the UK, and currently hold the following qualifications:

  • MSc : Information Technology For E-Commerce : (Passed with distinctions)
  • BSc hons : Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence : 1st class degree

Which I gained at Sussex university. Where I was subjected to a host of different languages, and subject matter. We did however concentrate on one main language, which was Java. So I did end up with 4 years Java experience, though still prefer .NET by a mile.

This is kind of like my second time around with education, I initially went down the electronics / music technology routes where I also gained the following qualifications, all studied part time

  • Ordinary national diploma : music technology
  • Ordinary national diploma : electronic engineering
  • Higher national diploma : electronic engineering
  • Higher national diploma : software engineering

I have also spent many years at work (probably about 14 years in all) and I have worked at various companies in various roles. Though most commonly I have been employed as an industrial automation engineer, where I would be reponsible for many varying, tasks including software design, software testing, customer requirements specification anaylsis, large scale management execution system support for a large blue chip company (a small company called Proctor & Gamble), database development, active X development.

I was fairly happy at work, then all of a sudden we got invloved with a project with a crazy (Phd maths crazy, you know the sort) chap from Germany who we were hired to work with, on a large scale software project for Proctor & Gamble, where he worked. This was using .NET v1 / v1.1 at the time. That was it, I was totally hooked after that. I never looked back, and promptly ditched the VB that we had been using til then, in favour of C#. Ah lovely stuff. Although I still maintain a favourable view regarding stored procedures, which I also quite enjoy writing.

In fact this one chance meeting with .NET (C# really) was enough to convince me that I really really liked software, as such I decided to go back to university to gain a computer science related degree. The company where I was at that time, chose to sponsor this re-education. Although they did stipulate that I had to get good grades, as you can I did ok (a 1st remember).

I also achieved an award for the best IT project from my university and the British Computer Society (BCS), for a remote control media player (code named Re-MP3). This was written using .NET v1.1. You can look at the ReMp3 project web site here

Although I think my MSc project, is much better that my degree project, this is a Flickr type application that allows user to share content, using a web site, and also use a desktop application to synchronize this content. This was written using .NET v2.0 and used lots of different programming techniques. You can look at the NetPics project web site here

I have worked on many other projects, some of which I can not share, as they were for work, and as such I must maintain customer confidentiality, but I am also quite into writing articles in my spare time for codeproject where I have published numerous articles about various subjects.

Lately I am spending more and more time looking at .NET 3.0, things like Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and LINQ/DLINQ/XLINQ. I’m not so sure ill have to use Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF), so have bypassed that one for the moment.

This blog contains several pages which will go into a bit more detail about some of my projects and some of my published articles. So please use those pages if you would like more details about either of these areas.