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Life After Cinch

Some of you may have noticed that lately my blog in all Cinch this Cinch that, well I too am getting bored, but I am not one of those people to give up on something…So another 3 articles to go, then I will give up.

But I am also one of those folks that needs something to do, so when I finish Cinch, here are some things you can expect from me again

  • More stuff on Tasks namespace and Parallel goodness
  • WF4 (as that is something I am beginning to like)
  • Serializing Expression
  • Expression evaluator (I know there are loads, but its for fun)
  • RX

And anything else I might fancy…So sorry about all the Cinch, I am bored too, but I will get back to my old ways do not worry

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Cinch + SVN

My last post stated that I had uploaded CinchV2 fixes all ok, as it turns out SVN has mangled a merge, so I will need to upload again. Apologies, I will do this tonight. All was ok on my box. GRRRRR


Cinch V2 : Latest news

As some of you may know I am in the process of writing 6 articles to cover my MVVM framework Cinch V2. I have had to make some small changes to the codebase due to a few things that people felt were missing, or felt the demo apps should contain. One user also spotted 1 major issue, which was causing a memory leak.

All of these is now fixed, and I should not be making any more changes to the codebase I am happy with it, and I have also re-synced Cinch with MeffedMVVM latest build.

So if you are a Cinch V2 user, you should get latest version now, as it contains all the small fixes and the 1 memory leak fix.

So please download latest CinchV2 drop from :