Cinch : Some code changes

I just got back of holiday (3 weeks away….nice), while I was away a number of issues have been reported about my Cinch MVVM framework and I am pleased to say I have fixed all these, and they are now available for download.


I have addressed the following changes:

1. Syntax text highlighting in code generator to use Daniel Grunwalds Avalon Edit, which is free so everyone now gets super neato text highlighting

2. Fixed problem with TabControlEx not selecting 1st item when used in UserControl as
   described by the following forum entry :


3. Fixed small typo error in SimpleRule.cs comments

4. Modified EditableValidatingObject and EditableValidatingViewModelBase to make sure that
   CancelEdit() method sets internal stored data to null

5. Fixed CloseActivePopupCommand always returning true, as described in this forum comment : 



So if you use my Cinch MVVM framework it may well be worth your while downloading the latest Source code change set