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LINQ : 2 nice things I just found

I was at work today and had to deal with obtaining the values from some anonomous types that I was using in some WPF databinding, and although I knew I could do it with reflection, I thought someone else may have already done something, and low and behold I found something pretty cool. I found this chap that wrote a nice wrapper around an anonomous type that lets you access the property values using generics for the type of the property and strings for the key of the property. He also allows you to add new methods to the anonomous type using delegates/lambdas, all in all its a good effort. Have a look for yourself over at his blog


Oh and he also wrote a LINQ for JavsScript which looks very nice especially if you are trying to parse large JSON result sets. You can read more about this over at this post



GeoPlaces & Stuff

I am pleased to announce that my GeoPlaces scooped the codeproject C# article of the month in April 2009.

I have not written an article in a while, which is a bit out of character for me, but there is a good reason, I have been plotting and scheming about possibly writing a book, and it looks like its going to happen.

So I will be off the radar for a while but will hopefully have a nice book to show for it in about 6 months.

Thanks for all your support.