No longer an mvp

So January is here, and I have been informed I am no longer an MVP.

I held the MVP award for 9 years, so I am happy with that, would have been nice to make it a 10th, but hey ho

To be honest I am not too surprised by this announcement, as I have become more and more interested in a wider range of things, such as

  • Scala
  • Akka
  • Play
  • Cassandra
  • Kafka

I also spent most of the last year blogging about these subjects.

I was told that MVPs these days are contributing about 120 blobs per year in the UK so that is what one is up against.

I have 2 kids so that’s not going to happen for me, like ever, anyone with 2 or more kids will know what I mean here

Like I say I am not surprised, it has been great to be recognized as an MVP, even though I never did go to a single MVP summit (should have doh)

And I would like to thank Microsoft for the opportunity to preach the good word.

I would also like to personally thank Chris Maunder of who was the chap that originally nominated me, thanks so much Chris. Chris you rock.

As for what’s next for me, I am going to continue to blog, and I hope to get back into writing articles for again after a break from that.

You can expect me to keep on writing about stuff that I enjoy.

So for now over and out, thanks for all the support over the years guys/girls.



  1. Kinda sad. Well, they have their metrics and they’re quite objective. But maybe those metrics don’t say anything about how helpful is someone, or how original are his posts. 120 blobs per year? that’s insane. I would happily prefer less posts but of higher quality.
    Back in the WPF days, I remember that some of your posts were the ones that actually helped me. And now you work with other tools? So what? Your posts are quite good and helpful. That’s what counts for me.
    I hope they change direction. Otherwise they will have exactly what they look for. Millions of worthless posts.
    Keep doing the good job. I will keep reading


    1. Tio

      Thanks very much it is exactly because of readers like you that I WILL keep blogging. Just can’t guarantee what they will be on

      Thanks for your nice comment though, appreciated


  2. Hi Sacha, Thanks for all your contributions to industry and sharing your knowledge. MVP or not your value is there for all to see.


    1. Yeah they are awesome though. I’d rather spend time with my kids than blog when push comes to shove


  3. I have 3 kids, and never have time to blog – I don’t know how you do as much as you do!

    BTW I am a C# developer, and your Akka examples have been very helpful to me as I learned Akka.NET 😉

    And in past years your MVVM work was something I learned a lot from as well – thank you!


    1. David

      Yeah its hard to find the time for sure. Especially when the list of stuff to learn grows daily. Sigh

      Akka is AWESOME, I love it, glad my series of posts helped there, think there is pretty good feature parity with Akka.Net and Akka. They are doing good job keeping up


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