I am planning on doing a series of posts on Azure (Microsoft’s cloud platform, in case you did not know) for absolute beginners, that have no experience with Azure at all.

This will likely be no use at all to seasoned developers, but for folk just getting into Azure they may be useful. I will update this page when I have a new link to share

  1. How to publish a web site from VS2013 to Azure
  2. Provisioning  a Virtual Machine in Azure
  3. Create a database in Azure, and use Entity Framework to connect to it
  4. Blob Storage / Retrieval
  5. Redis Cache
  6. Azure Cloud Service : Inter role communications
  7. Azure Event Hubs
  8. Azure Upload and stream video content to WPF from Blob Storage
  9. Service Fabric Demo App
  10. Azure EventGrid + Azure Function Demo

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