MVP Status

I just got back from New York where I met up with JOsh Smith, the crazy WPF MVP. And in my inbox when I got back was a really nice email. Guess what I am also now an Microsoft MVP in Visual C# for 2008 Hooray.

Oh and a double whammy, I am also a MVP.


Hard work pays off…If you want to get something good, you have to do some good. For me to get the MVP I wrote 32 articles on C# in the space of 1 year. There were some small ones, but there were also some very in depth articles there. If you are interested in this, you can check it out at the following url sacha barbers articles



  1. These awards couldn’t be more deserved Sacha. It’s a fantastic result for a brilliant individual with a terrific attitude. Congratulations.



  2. Daniel I thank you…really I do.

    I think very soon, it will be you is also an MVP.

    I will nominate you when I get to know how it all works


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