Html5 WebWorkers Article

Everyone seems to be messing around with Html5 at the moment, and I did not want to feel left out, so I had a read of a Html5 book to see what the hoo ha was all about, and I was surprised to see one of my favourites in there, multithreading support in the form of Html 5 WebWorker(s).

I decided I had to give them a try, to do this I thought I would try writing my 1st JQuery plugin too.

The result of which is within this article over at codeproject : http://www.codeproject.com/KB/HTML/QueryWall.aspx


Need Your Votes

Hey all, I have just noticed that one of my articles is up for this months www.codeproject.com monthly competitions, if you like what I do, could go spare some time to give it a vote in the competition if you feel you want to (you will need to be codeproject member to do this).

You can vote in these 2 places


My article is this one, which I think is actually a very useful tool




I have been experimenting with a few things lately, and one of the things I have been having a bit of a mess around with is how to combine Aspect Orientated Programming and combining that with MEF.

Now I know its fairly easy to add aspects to your own types using either IL Weaving or using dynamic proxy like Castle/Unity IOC Containers.

But there is a still a lot of glue that needs to be done in order to get an aspectable type, so I thought why don’t I abstract that repetitive code and make the user oblivious to the fact that there is even any glue being applied.

I am pretty pleased with how this experiment turned out, and I have written it all up in an article which you can read about over at www.codeproject.com

Here is a link for the article :





Cinch news

If you use my Cinch MVVM framework I have some news.

I have just down a new update to improve several areas, and have also added some extra helper classes.

Here is a breakdown of what has been added/changed

1. Resynced with MefedMVVM version 75221
2. Added GenericRule class, which means no more casting inside rule class
3. Added Validator class, which can be used as stand alone validator class when you do not wish to (or can not) inherit from the Cinch validating base ViewModels/Models
4. Added new ViewModel interface IViewStatusAwareWindowInjectionAware, to allow WPFUIVisualizerService service to inject full IViewAwareStatusWindow into popup ViewModel
5. Added WeakDelegateReference class, does what it says really
6. Altered WPFUIVisualizerService to fix this issue : http://cinch.codeplex.com/discussions/263365

7. Added AsyncHost (WPF Only) (read the comments at top of this file to see example usage)
8. Added CircularProgressBar (WPF Only)
9. Added AsyncFailedUserControl (WPF Only)
10. Added AsyncBusyUserControl (WPF Only)