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Powershell : WebRequest Server Not Found

So at work we use a bit of PowerShell here and there to do various things. We also use PowerShell remoting, where we run the same bit of code on a potential list of remote targets.

One of the things we use a lot is a notification system where it will attempt to use this code or code

Invoke-RestMethod -Uri "$env:mattermost_uri" -Method Post -Body $json -ContentType "application/json"

But occasionally this would fail on some of our target VMs, where I would see a “Unable to connect to remote server“.

Turns out there is a default proxy at play which can be disabled like this

[System.Net.HttpWebRequest]::DefaultWebProxy = New-Object System.Net.WebProxy

After that is was all good for me


OpenFin demo

It has been quite a while since I wrote a full article for codeproject.com, but I just needed a break from all the server side stuff for a while. So I decided to take something for a spin which has been on my TODO radar for ages.That thing is OpenFin


Where they market themselves is as the OS for finance, where the apps are built using HTML5, but financial apps still benefit from a desktop feel where Windows are used, and things can be shown in  a Notification tray, and can be docked etc etc


This is where OpenFin see themselves


This is what I have built and demonstrate in the fuller article at codeproject.com, If you want to know more the full article is here : https://www.codeproject.com/Articles/1279126/OpenFin-A-small-example-app-using-it




This is a simple React/Redux/OpenFin application