Azure Cloud Service : Inter role communications

I have been doing a bit more with Azure of late, and one of the things I wanted to try out was inter role communications between cloud service roles. You can obviously use the Azure ServiceBus where topic based subscriptions may make some sense. I felt there may be a lighter approach, and set out to explore this.

I was not alone in this thinking, and found some good stuff out there, which I have reworked into the article below:


I hope some of you find it useful


Attached VM Behaviours

I have been using XAML based tech a long time now, and over the years I have honed my skills with it. Over the past year or so I have also been working on a very large XAML project and have had time to try out some ideas that I picked up working with some very clever hombres indeed. The idea is to use RX and kind of micro controllers along with ViewModels and child IOC containers to allow you to build truly big quite well maintained XAML apps.


I have taken some time to document this in an article which you can read about over at Codeproject: