F# For Beginners

Over the past couple of months I have been quite. This is due to the fact that I have been attempting to learn a new language. Namely F#. Now I spend most of my time as a regular .NET developer. Ok F# is part of the .NET family, but its is way more functional than any of the other .NET languages, so it has been quite the ride. It has been a ride that I have and still am enjoying. Now I had this crazy idea that it might be fun to document this ride. The ride (the learning process ) is an ongoing one, and one that will likely take me many years to master. However at the early stages I thought it may help other .NET developers that are looking to start with F# get into it at a somewhat slower pace. With that in mind I will be doing a bunch of blog posts on F#. Now I am not saying that these will be useful (especially to seasoned F# users), but I hope they will be, nor am I claiming to be a F# guru. I am clearly not, I am a mere fledgling, which is in fact the point. I will be writing posts assuming the reader knows absolutely nothing about F#. So what can be gained from reading such a series of posts? Well I am hoping that by watching someone else’s journey from C# into F# it will cover most of the salient points that one would want to cover. So what will be covered in this series of posts exactly? Well the exact content is yet to be decided but it will certainly evolve along the way, and when it does I will update some sort of index (possibly even this page) with links to all the posts in question.

Functional Programming

Imperative Programming

OO Programming

Some miscellaneous bits

2 thoughts on “F# For Beginners

  1. What a great read! I spent the last two weeks going over this series. Any thought about doing advanced stuff? Like partial application, currying, railway programming, monads, and computation expressions?

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