Responsive Web Site Design Anyone?

At work I do a mixture of ASP MVC /  WCF and WPF. We have pretty much embraced MVxx frameworks for JavaScript such as Knockout.js and Angular.js, but we recently had to do some truly responsive design web work, which needed to target loads of different form factors. We have good software guys where I work for sure, but none of us is exceptional with CSS, as we prefer to code I guess. So we set about hiring some very UI/Ux people. The first thing that the new UI/Ux guys did was introduce the use of Bootstrap which is a html framework made by some of the guys that work for Twitter.

For those that have not heard of a responsive framework, it is typically one for working with HTML, that has lots of helpers, CSS, JavaScript and well tried and tested patterns for developing web sites that behave in a well known manner on different form factors. These responsive frameworks typically have these sorts of things

  • A responsive grid
  • Navigation menus
  • Popups / Dialogs
  • Standard set of CSS controls / styles

They may have more or less, but these are the basic building blocks of these frameworks.

I had obviously heard of Bootstrap and other big responsive framework Foundation.js. However the new guys went down the Bootstrap route. Now not having played with Bootstrap so much, I decided to have a play around with it, and came up with some code I decided to share.

For those that are interested in this sort of thing you can find the full article here: