Upcoming Features Of C#

Some of you may have seen this already, and apologies if you have, but Mads Torgersen has give out a very useful link that he urged us to share with the wider community.

This link outlines some of the up coming changes to the C# Language. The document linked to talks in more detail about what you can expect, but for those that want a quick break down you will see things like:

  • Auto property enhancements
  • Primary constructors
  • Expression bodied function members
  • Initializers in structs
  • Using static
  • Exception filters
  • Declaration expressions
  • Null-condition operators
  • Index initializers
  • Wait in catch and finally blocks (Yey)
  • Binary literal and digit seperators
  • Extension Add methods in collection initializers
  • Improved overload resolution

You can find out more by reading the spec : Upcoming Features In C#