Distributed Systems

MicroService Service Discovery Using Consul


I have just published a new article on micro service Service Discovery using Consul here : https://www.codeproject.com/Articles/1248381/Microservices-Service-Discovery


If you are currently doing/have done microservices you will know that one of the trickier elements to this is “Service Discovery”. This article will briefly talk about some existing solutions to this, and will spend the rest of the article talking about on particular framework for aiding in this area called “Consul”.

Problem We Are Trying To Solve

So what is the problem exactly. Lets consider this image


Say we have a bunch of services out in the wild SystemB/SystemC in this example, and we have other services (or UIs) SystemA/SystemD in this example, that want to make use of the existsing services. However in order to do that we need to know where these existing services live, or make some assumptions about their DNS names that should be long lived. This the act of “discovery”, and is essentially what the article will talk about in some detail. So if this floats your boat head on over to the article for further information

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