Grunt.Js examination

Lately I have been looking at VS2015 / ASP vNext, and it did not take a genius to see that you need to know NPM/Bower and Gulp/Grunt. I have used NPM before and Bower is easy to pick up. I have not used (but have heard of) Gulp and Grunt before.

I looked at both of these over the past couple of weeks, and decided I liked Grunt better. For those that have not heard of Grunt it is a task runner for running repetitive tasks. There are lots of examples/resources available for Grunt, but I kind of wanted to look/try it myself. I have written up my findings in the following article.

Like I say this is nothing new, and I expect most web developers would be like, yeah obviously, it was however interesting for me as a grunt newbie, which others may be.


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