VS2013 Setup Project

I am fortunate enough to have been working on a big app for a while now, which means we have our deployment pretty sorted out, using a manner of different tools/scripts.

Then the other day I was asked to help out another team with a small bit of help, where they needed a small app written to allow them to analyse some data. The other team in question are not DEVS, so they need an installer really.

As I say I have not had to create an installer for quite a while now, I was obviously aware of the lack of “Setup Project” in VS2012/VS2013, but since I have not had a need for it lately I was like “meph”.

Until today.

Luckily help is at hand, there is a Visual Studio 2013 extension to get the ability to create Installer Projects in VS2013 again. God knows why Microsoft took that out in the first place, all that would have done is moved people to use other things such as

Anyway for those that want to use the old (probably familiar) VS Installer style project you can grab it from here:


Hopefully some of you will find that useful


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