NetMQ : Documentation is there….Phew

I have been beavering away over the past 2 weeks, creating the NetMQ documentation. I am pleased to announce that the docs have come along quite nicely and you can read them all here :



You can also read them directly at GitHub too :



I actually prefer the formatting on GitHub, but “ReadTheDocs” is what we have. But at least you have choices.

I hope that helps you in some way in your journeys with NetMQ. Oh it is worth mentioning that there are a couple of pages still to do, which Doron himself will be doing. These pages are

  • Stream
  • Devices
  • Beacon
  • Scheduler

I think the docs I wrote should cover the most common cases though.

There was also one user who has offered to translate the docs into French, so you can expect some French version some time in the future too





8 thoughts on “NetMQ : Documentation is there….Phew

  1. Hi Sacha,
    Thank you very much indeed for the work on the documentation of NetMQ. I am quite intrigued by NetMQ and would like to put it to test in an upcoming project of mine.
    Since I am absolutely new to NetMQ and its various socket types I want to ask you if you could give me some advise? No worries – it wouldn’t be much. I need some advise on the selection of the sockets to use. I’d implement a test sceleton for the communication (w/o) the logic and see how it works.
    So, if you would give me advise that would surely get me quicker to the results I need.
    I am looking forward to hear from you!

    1. Merkel

      Glad you have found the docs useful. Sure write our question here and I can try and answer your questions

      1. Hi Sacha,
        I ran into an issue with “Poller”.

        How can Start or Stop polling a specific socket in a Poller? It seems that Start/Stop only work on the Poller and not on specific sockets, correct?
        If I understand the Poller correct than in NetMQ at least it will raise an event (Receive/SendReady) on the socket it polls if there has a message arrived, correct?
        Does the protokol “IPC” work or does relate to “InProc”?
        T’x for answering

  2. Great – Thank you! I have a picture which makes it much easier to understand. How can I send that?

  3. In addition to the other questions:

    If I set the PollTimeout for example to 10 ms and use PollOnce I would expect that the poller is active for 10ms before it cancels its work and can be restarted for anouther period such that I can periodically poll a set of sockets for 10ms and then do something else until I come back.
    It seems however that this behaviour is not the case.

    var poller = new Poller (socket) { PollTimeout=10};
    for (int poll=0; poll<100; poll++)
    poller.PollOnce ();

    Results in an InvalidOperationException stating "Poller is started".

    So if PollOnce is non-blocking how can I achieve the above behaviour?

    Thank you for answering.

    1. You would be better asking this question on NetMQ site github page, Doron will provide much better answer than I will

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