NetMQ : Documentation II

I don’t know how many of you read my last post, but I have somehow managed to talk myself into becoming the official documentation writer for NetMQ. If you have not used NetMQ, it is a C# native port of ZeroMQ the socket library from outer space. I have really enjoyed learning about ZeroMQ (which I did by reading “The Guide”,  several times over) and playing around with NetMQ, where I even did a joint article about with NetMQs author Doron (who is a very smart guy indeed). Basically its a great library, and very interesting and lots of fun, and very light weight, with no dependencies at all.

Anway enough of the advertising, how is the documentation coming along? Well, over the past week I have made some good progress on the NetMQ documentation.

The following pages are now semi-ready (pretty much there truth be told)

Over the next week I hope to finish some more. I will notify you all when I have done some more, and again when it all gets released to become the final “official” docs.

If you have not used NetMQ I urge you to have a look, experiment, that is how I started, and now I love it, and can honestly see many places where it is a excellent fit

Anyway enjoy, over and out for now



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