NetMQ : Documentation

I don’t know how many of you managed to read my series of articles on NetMQ

Or followed my last codeproject article, which made use of NetMQ to create a streaming server/client(s).

I did this one with the help of the author of NetMQ Doron. After we did that article Doron and I had a small chat about me possibly becoming more active on NetMQ in general. I suggested one way in which I might be able to help, was to write some documentation for NetMQ, as this is one area where sadly this great library is lacking a bit.

Doron liked this idea (guess documentation aint for everyone huh)


Doron (NetMQ author) and I will be working on this together, and I will be running any documentation I write by him first, but that is one area where I will be helping out, so you can expect to see me post a few more posts here from time to time, saying that some new documentation is available for NetMQ.

I hope that makes at least a few folks happy out there









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