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Scheduling With Quartz.Net

The other day I have a requirement to schedule something in my app to run at certain times, and at fixed intervals there after. Typically I would just solve this using either a simple Timer, or turn to my friend Reactive Extensions by way of Observable.Timer(..).

Thing is I decided to have a quick look at something I have always known about but never really used, for scheduling, which is Quartz.net, which actually does have some pretty good documentation up already:


For me I just wanted to get something very basic up and running, so I gave it a blast.

Step 1 : Install Quartz.net

This is as easy as installing the following NuGet package “Quartz

Step 2 Create A Job Class

This again is fairly easy thanks to Quartz nice API. Here is my job class

using System;
using Quartz;

namespace FooBar
    public class LoggingJob : IJob
        public void Execute(IJobExecutionContext context)

                string.Format("Logging job : {0} {1}, and proceeding to log", 
                    DateTime.Now.ToShortDateString(), DateTime.Now.ToLongTimeString()));


That is all you need for a job really. The context object gives you access to a lot of useful stuff.

Step 3 : Setting up a schedule

Again this was mega easy, all I had to do was something like this:

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using System.Threading.Tasks;

using Common.Logging;

using Quartz;
using Quartz.Impl;

namespace FooBar
    class Program

        private static ILog Log = LogManager.GetCurrentClassLogger();

        static void Main(string[] args)
                // construct a scheduler factory
                ISchedulerFactory schedFact = new StdSchedulerFactory();

                // get a scheduler
                IScheduler sched = schedFact.GetScheduler();

                IJobDetail job = JobBuilder.Create<LoggingJob>()
                    .WithIdentity("myJob", "group1")

                ITrigger trigger = TriggerBuilder.Create()
                    (s =>
                            .StartingDailyAt(TimeOfDay.HourAndMinuteOfDay(10, 15))

                sched.ScheduleJob(job, trigger);
            catch (ArgumentException e)


And that was enough for my job to get scheduled, every 10 seconds starting at 10:15 AM.

I was fairly happy with Quartz, and I will certainly make more use of it, when I have bigger, bolder, badder scheduling needs.

6 thoughts on “Scheduling With Quartz.Net

    1. Thomas, god knows how that happened, but yes you are completely correct. Have fixed that up now, cut and paste error, code was 100% correct, error was me I suspect

  1. Have you checked XecMe. I found it better than Quartz as it gives more flexibility in setting up jobs, scheduling as service, console application, inside an application or as Azure Worker role,

  2. I’ve used Quartz.Net for more than 3 years and I’ve always been really happy with it.
    Recently I found Hangfire (http://hangfire.io/) and switch to it.
    It’s far better and easier than Quartz.Net, plus it has a amazing admin panel.


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