NetMQ + RX Streaming Data Demo App

So last time I showed you a slightly cut down demo app (well cut down based on the great work done by our friends at Adaptive, where they created the awesome demo : Reactive Trader).  The demo app we looked at last time used SignalR + RX. I also promised that there would be a part 2 of that article, where I showed how to do the same sort of thing using NetMQ  (the pure c# port of ZeroMQ the extremely popular socket library) + RX.

I am pleased to say that Doron (author of NetMQ) and I have now published this article and it is available to read at the following Url:

If you looked at the 1st part in this mini series of articles you will know that we cover things like

  • Creating a streaming API of TickerDto objects
  • We make a resilient RX stream, that may be repeated
  • We expect the client(s) to know when the server is unavailable
  • We expect the client(s) to know when the server is available again

We show all of this, just like we did with the 1st demo app (SignalR + RX), but you will also learn a few things along the way such as:

  • How to create a generic NetMQ heartbeat
  • How to create a NetMQ Pub/Sub topoloogy
  • The NetMQ Actor model
  • The NetMQ Poller
  • How to use NetMQ, which will actually put you in very good stead to use ZeroMQ in any of the other language bindings (and it has loads)
  • A few of the different types of sockets within NetMQ
  • How to actually use NetMQ in a real life project

We are hoping you will actually get quite a lot from this article. So if you do enjoy it, please leave a vote over at the codeproject web site


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