REST : Simple REST Framework

My wife has just given birth 2 my second son, and I took 2 weeks off to help around the house. Though I did find a little bit of time to try and create a very simple REST framework from scratch using just the base class library of .NET (i.e., no 3rd party libraries), ok I did use JSON.NET for serializing JSON, but other than that it is all my own code.

I found a bit more time this week, and decided to write it up over here:

Now it is no way production quality code, and I would not use it ever, but it was a fun exercise, and I enjoyed the ride, may be interesting read for some of you.

Hope you enjoy

PS : I start a 10 week F# course next week, so you may see some more F# posts from me in the future.



  1. Excellent article.I just post a comment below your nice article.Actually In some ways it saves me many hours.


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