Sketcher 1 of 3

It has been quite a while since I wrote my last article, I have been busy writing a long series of blob posts on “F# For Beginners“, and doing a lot of reading (which I hope to have more blog posts/articles about very soon).

Anyway we digress, so what is this article about. Well it is a small Angular.js Single Page App, demo app that works with ASP MVC / Web Api / SignalR / Azure storage that I have written that is something like twitter but for images.

The basic idea is that you can:

  • Create sketches (a bit like paint, but no where near as advanced) which are stored in Azure blob storage
  • Choose which friends you want to receive information from (like when they post a new sketch)
  • Comment on other peoples sketches

That is it really, but in essence that is all that Twitter is really, you post some text, people follow you, and they may comment on something you posted.

I just like quite visual things, so decided to do it with images instead.

This is NOT a new idea it has been done a million times before (for example Facebook walls / Reddit etc etc), that is not the point of this article.

The point of this article is that it was something fun I could attempt to write that I could share with others. I think there is a fair bit you could get out of it, if you looked into the code. For example the demo code makes use of the following stuff:

  • Azure blob storage
  • Azure table storage
  • Angular.js Single Page app (SPA)
  • SignalR with Angular.js
  • Using Angular.js with ASP MVC
  • Responsive design Bootstrap web site
  • There is enough meat in it to make it quite a neat demo application


If this sounds like it could be of interest, you can read the full text for part 1 right here:


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