Windows 8 : Fun With Sensors

It has been a while since I have written an article, and I thought it was about time that I wrote one. This one is a very small one (which is somewhat unusual for me). It is a very very simple one on using some of the Windows 8 sensors. I am lucky enough to own a Windows 8 laptop that has the full compliment of sensors. So what does it do I hear you ask? Sensors are all about stuff happening, so I thought it should be some code that is quite reactive to the sensors that I chose to use. With that in mind what I thought might be cool would be to host Google Earth and have that either displaying the Earth or the Sky depending on the value of the LightSensor. When the hosted Google Earth is flipped between Earth/Stars the skin of the application is also swapped. Hopefully by swapping these 2 visual elements in reaction to the LightSensor you can see how the LightSensor code is working.

I also thought it might be fun to have the Earth/Sky change Latitude/Longitude as you tilt the laptop which causes the inbuilt Gyrometer to push out new readings.

In a nutshell that is all this article does, its quite simple, anyway if you want to know more here is a link to the article :


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