Metro Style Panorama Control For WPF

The other day as part of a bigger article I am working on I wanted a control something like the Metro (Win8/Metro) UI, but for WPF. I had a look around and there weren’t that many out there, and the ones that were out there seems to scroll in weird and unfamiliar ways. So I decided to write my own, now its not exactly the same as the Windows8 one, but it does offer these features

  • Templating ability via DataTemplates (in your own code…Bonus)
  • Its a lookless control, as such template/style it it as you see fit
  • Its easy to use
  • 2 forms of scrolling, either snapback or using friction to current mouse co-ordinates


Here is a screen shot of it



Here the full article which has the code and describes how to use it:


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