Hosted CodeStash Is Out There

Some of you who read my articles over at might have seen that I have been busy working on a web based snippet tool called “CodeStash”. I recently wrote all about “CodeStash” over at


“CodeStash” actually comes with a Visual Studio 2010 Addin, which was written by buddy Pete O’Hanlon, which integrates very nicely with Visual Studio.

We are now very pleased to say that a free hosted version of “CodeStash” is available


You can start using it at : There is also a full PDF help document which outlines how to use  “CodeStash”.

And you can download the addin from here :

We will be making making changes to “CodeStash” over time to make it better. Right now the list of improvements has these things on it

  1. Allow users to view snippets without being logged in, and only require login for things that actually require linking to specific user (such as Add snippet/Edit snippet/Create team)
  2. Plugin for Eclipse
  3. Plugin for SharpDevelop
  4. Plugin for Blend
  5. Full Snippet support for VS2010 Addin
  6. Allow users to pick their own theme
  7. Make tooltips non animating


Anyway we hope that people start to use this free service, and if you can think of anything you think is missing, please let us know



  1. Site looks a bit naff, dark text on black background
    The PDF help is too small
    Come on get it togther


    1. Rory

      Shame to hear you don’t like the black styling. I quite like the styling overall, but we will be making it so users can pick their own theme, this will be coming later. The only bits of dark text are titles and they are still quite readable I think. It all comes down to taste, I like it you don’t seem to, but we will be looking at allowing people to choose their own theme anyway, so just bear with us.

      As for the PDF, are you talking about the font size when you download it? You do realise you can download it, and zoom it right. Would you have preferred a hyperlink just to download it? As I think the downloaded PDF (which you can do by saving the one from the web site) is quite readable, it’s 11 point font, which IMHO is very readable.

      In closing In have to say I found your manner to be slightly off, you could have said what you wanted to say in a more constructive manner, don’t you think. “get it together” is just not that constructive. At the end of the day I have done this to help people in my own time, and while I am open to constructive criticism, I just don’t feel the way you stated your issues to be that constructive. Try be polite, and bear in mind I don’t have to do all this stuff in my spare time to help others, try to think about that, before you make hasty comments (I do this from time to time to, but just try and see it from the other persons point of view)


      1. There are always individuals you can never please, usually stems from jealously
        or a small chip on their shoulder

        I personally don’t like the black style, just my personal taste, but I like the code which is more important

        Thanks for sharing with me your knowledge
        Kind regards

      2. Peter

        We are listening to people like you who say things about things color the theme, I am just having a couple of weeks off, to work on a few other bits. When I am done, I will be making it so people can pick their own color scheme (well from several predefined ones that is). Its on the list don’t worry

      3. Hi
        You cannot please all the people all the time, when successfully selling property you ensure your decorations are neutral.

        This principle should be applied in web site design,you need a neutral design now, or people may not be interested in using your site.
        When we go for an interview the first 60 seconds is the most important, the interviewer forms an opinion of you is he good bad or ugly, there are also political & historical reasons why black is considered bad, but haven’t the time to bore you with this.
        reference below web sites

        Also consider Ergonomics

      4. Thanks for links Peter, the theming is always something we knew we would have to support

    2. Rory, thanks for taking the time to take a look at CodeStash. We do take comments and opinions very seriously, so I hope that we can address these issues for you over time. As Sacha has pointed out, this is the initial release of CodeStash, a free resource that Sacha and I have devoted our spare time to. This means that we were eager to get it out for people to start using, and contributing to.

      It’s only going to be with the help of people like yourself that will give us the impetus to continue improving and pushing the site on, so I hope that you stop by and visit often. As Sacha has pointed out, we are going to be implementing theming on the site, which should allow you to choose a theme that suits you – we aim to give you as pleasant a viewing experience as possible.

      With regards to the PDF issue, I believe that you are referring to the fact that it appears at a small size in Internet Explorer. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

      As a first step to getting a consistent, up to date browsing experience, we have just to say moved over to Chrome Frame, which renders the site in IE in the same way that you would see it in Chrome, FireFox, etc.

      Again, I hope that, as CodeStash grows, you will find it becomes an invaluable part of your development toolset..


  2. Do you guys have anyway of leaving comments about codestash?

    Otherwise looks a good site, shame I can’t use the 2010 plugin yet as I work with 2008 😦


  3. “In closing In have to say I found your manner to be slightly off….”

    Don’t be such a prima donna


    1. Rory

      I am not being a prima donna. I just don’t feel there,s any need for rudeness. Perhaps you didn’t mean it that way, in which case I’ll stopping being any Donna even mad Donna.

      Just felt you could have been slightly more constructive with your criticisms (which are welcome actually)

      You know saying “it’s crap”, is not the same as saying, perhaps a good idea would be to let people pick thierry own colours.

      And as far as small PDF thing goes, it worked fine in the browsers we said we supported, and now also works in ie.

      So we are fixing these things


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