A Few Blog Issues


I have been experiencing a few issues with Malware on my blog. In fact it got bad enough that google put a warning page up for “sachabarber.net”.

I have now taken steps to fix this


  1. Moved directly to wordpress (my friends used to host my blog)
  2. Got a new Blog
  3. Redirected sachabarber.net to new wordpress blog
  4. Imported ALL images/text from old blog

It has gone quite well, and I think being on wordpress servers may be better for noticing Malware and SPAM generally. So its not all bad.

One thing that is bad however, is that some content has become sort of corrupt. Where there appears to be some CSS markup in the body of the posts. I will not be fixing this, I am sorry to say. But the relevant code it still there, so hopefully you can find the relevant parts.


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