As some of you may have noticed, I have been neglecting my blog for a while and have not been writing many articles of late. Why is this?

Well I have been very busy working on a productivity tool for developers, which I think is a pretty useful tool

This tool is basically a web based code snippet repository which is completely searchable, and it also comes with a Visual Studio 2010 addin which can be used to add/search for snippets which you can work with directly from the VS2010 editor/context menus.


This diagram illustrates the basic idea


If you want to know more about this project (which I have to say I am completely chuffed with) you can read more at these links:



  1. One of my friend already has teh same tool and concept. take a look at website launched by my friend for the same purpose. It also has VS plug in.


    1. Cool, shame I did not come across this one whilst looking, still like I say none of them quite hot what I was after. For example being able to group files together is important to me, as is the visibility of a snippet.

      Still your friends looks very nice too, tell him from me


  2. Hi sascha,

    Nice work, I started a similar concept last year called . Let me know if you like to get in touch? You never know, maybe we can help each other.


    1. To be honest I am almost spent from working on this project, and may need a break from it for a while, but when I get back into this, I may contact you. How does that sound.


  3. Sounds great. Although koodr is build on a different perspective, it seems nice to me to hear how others make their decisions. You never know how we can help eachother. Hopefully you like the Koodr idea as much as I like yours. Keep the coding a live 🙂 ! Enjoy your upcomming sparetime.


  4. Well after months of hype I was expecting something really cool from you.
    Maybe something like Jira, but a Snippet manager, that sucks.

    Noticed all the 5star marks on code project, can only say there’s some dumb a***s on there.

    Yeah take a break.


  5. Marco

    Whilst I can see that this is basically CRUD, there has been a lot of thought gone into this, and it does do a lot that a lot of other similar things do not do.

    The addin is a very cool thing, as is the web site I feel.

    Its a shame you don’t like it, but that is fine.

    It’s a difficult thing, have you ever put any effort into writing something open source or putting in extra effort outside of work, whilst still trying to have a life. Its not that easy.

    So whilst I understand that you are disappointed, why don’t you consider what I just said, have you got anything out there/have you even tried. Thing is you are not going to please all the people all the time.

    I am proud of what we have come up with to be honest, and if you don’t like it, don’t use it.

    But at least try and understand that some of us do this of our own backs for people to use. Something constructive would be nice, but to just say its crap, sounds a little harsh, not that I mind, as I honestly feel its better than other things out there, and the reason I did it was I needed something that tickes all by boxes, and none of the others did, this does.

    Not for you by the sound of it. Shame but hey ho


  6. I didn’t mean to say it’s crap. If you like code snippet managers for VS then cool.
    I was just expecting something a bit more “special” maybe a Jira beater.

    But then again I’m not a MS follower, having worked for Google for two years and other US web companies, so I’m biased I guess. is ok to a point, well when you drop the V that is Razor, razor absolutely sucks.

    Had a look at the beta mvc4 over the last week, MS screwing it up again, they follow what the rest of the none MS web development community was doing two years ago. What on earth is Knockout? it’s complete bloat.

    The web dev movement go one way (the correct way) and MS go their own poor way, when will they learn?

    Sorry Sacha, I’ve hijacked your message board.


  7. Marco

    I am not normally a web man, so maybe I don’t see you side if things fully. So what do “you” like things like node/backbone?

    I pretty much wrote this tool as I had A need for it. Shame you don’t like it. We use Jura at work and I agree it’s ace, thing is that was written by team if “dedicated” devs. This was for fun the odd hour if (20) on the train. And you know what I like it. I recall you don’t like MVP which is fine, but by doing everything client, you kind of expose your whole inner workings, which I think is a bad idea.

    I think fundamentally i tend to like msft frameworks (win 8 not included there, that is so wrong I don’t know where to start) While you don’t

    So I guess we are not going to see eye to eye on certain things.

    I don’t want to fight, i obviously like what I have done, you don’t. Not a problem.

    I don’t get why you read my blog though if you don’t like msft stack, don’t get me wrong I enjoy our discussions, just curious.


  8. Points referring to you few beers response.

    Backbone, not used it, am aware of it, MVC sort of, meant to be good.
    There’s another similar one called Spine (very original naming here) which I’ve use. You also have to embrace other elements such as JavaScript templates to benefit from these two frameworks.

    Mind you we have our own framework using JavaScript prototyping, which is what Backbone and Spine are built from.

    Also have a look at CoffeeScript (now that’s a cool dude).

    MVP (ego tripping mainly), just clever marketing from MS along with their nonsense exams.

    CodeProject the majority of its cliental are only one step up the evolutionary ladder from Visual Basic circa 1995.

    I read your blog because I always read interesting blogs and I’m not a technical bigot. I came by yours via a Silverlight blog a year and bit ago. Yes I was looking into Silverlight as it was mentioned in a meeting as a possible solution. WPF is poorly over engineered XAML bloated rubbish, the b*****d son on WPF is, well words fail me, what is it trying to do? HTML & JavaScript can do all of that and they’re not plugins either.

    Windows 8, I can’t make my mind up, it’s so nearly cool and so not cool. Not sure MS know what they’re doing apart from tying to unify their mobile with their desktop. Again they are following Apple but two years too late.

    MS do have an ace up their sleeve, the Kinect device; I mentioned that to you a couple of weeks ago. There’s some very cool development work going on with that at the moment.

    Even though I spend most of my development time on Macs with JavaScript, Rails etc I do delve into C# now and again, Task Parallel Lib stuff is cool and I kind of like VS, it is very well featured and good tooling for the .net developer. The backend stuff we use is Linux/Java and Server08/.net btw

    Think you mentioned you work in finance all week so I assume it’s with the MS stack, why not develop none MS at home maybe publish to code project, that’d shake a few folk up.

    Come over from the dark side master Sacha.


  9. Marco

    So Yeah I think Backbone looks interesting. I agree with some of what you say, I don’t like the Microsoft exams at all, and it was a spelling mistake me talking about MVP (I Meant MVC), but since you mentioned MVP award, yeah that is a PR / Marketing thing really. I just like the free stuff, it is of course nice to get the award, but can also see that it is just a stunt from Microsoft to get free marketing.

    I 1/2 agree with some of you codeproject comments, sadly I do feel a lot of people at codeproject are free loaders that would clap and 5 vote all the way to the bank, for a pink animated button control. That said, there are also loads of good people there too, doing good and interesting things, you just have to look through some of the not so cool stuff to see the good stuff. I generally know which articles I will read and which I will not, you just learn to skim read the dross, and fully read the good ones.

    As far as Knockout and WPF being bloated, have you actually used either of them. I for one LOVE WPF it is extremely elegant, and its many subsystems are very well thought out I feel. If I had my way WinRT would be just like WPF without the many layers we have now

    Win32 -> User32 -> GDI -> DirectX -> XAML -> WPF

    It would be

    WinRT -> WPF

    That’s if I was king, I have NEVER liked Silverlight at all, and I like the Windows Phone even less. I guess it comes down to where your do your work, you seem to be web biased, I am desktop snob.

    Ok some “knockout”. I actually feel it’s pretty light weight really, for what it brings to the table. Having now used this, it too is very cool in my opinion. Maybe you should take it for a big test run, see what you think after that.

    You also mention TPL (Task Parallel Library). I love TPL, and it is truly great to work with, it is really really cool, and even better than things like C++ Boost threading helpers.

    It may be a surprise to you but I used to program Assembler type stuff and do all sorts of crazy real time process control (oil rigs/steel works/chemical refineries) software using stuff called Ladder Logic in the past. I also used to do Java and J2EE stuff, like Beans/and Apache STRUTS so I am not all Microsoft, and would like to do some stuff in that area again at some point. I may even write the Eclipse plugin for this project. That said I really really like C#.

    As far as getting a Kinect, I think I may give that a go, problem is generally my code gets done Monday-Friday on the train to/from work, as I have 2 year old son, who I like to spend time with way more than any code.

    So you reckon I just need the Kinect, no xBox required huh? What does it just plug in via USB and have an SDK, I have been thinking of ideas for it over the weekend.

    Anyway been good to talk. See you for now


  10. For Kinect, you need to download the Kinect SDK and the Speech SDK library for PCs from MS.
    Follow the instructions, plug in, load up a sample app, have fun.
    I’ve been messing with Kinect for 3 months now, very cool.
    The open source SDK is better mind you, and there’s a Mac and Linux version to from those guys.

    There are some very cool developers doing some very cool things. Yeah some very clever people.
    There’s a company a couple of miles from where I work using Kinect, I’m thinking of applying for a job there.

    WPF bloated waste of time, desktops are dead !

    Knockout, write your own with 75% less code.


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