Just Noticed

Hey dear reader, I just noticed that one of my articles is up for best c# articles of the month over at codeproject this month.

If you have read the article and truly think its worth a vote, maybe you could take 2 minutes to vote in monthly competiton.

Competition voting can be made here : http://www.codeproject.com/script/Surveys/VoteForm.aspx?srvid=1252

My article is this one : “Restful WCF / EF POCO / UnitOfWork / Repository / MEF : 1 of 2”

Obviously you should only vote, if you feel it deserves it.




    1. Marco

      So you should vote for that one. I voted for my own and that one too. It is very cool.

      There have been quite a lot of interesting Kinect articles lately. Wish I had one


  1. buy one only $99.00, you don’t need an xbox,
    just plug in to the usb socket on your pc
    download a couple of sdks and away you go.


    1. Really I thought you had to have the XBox, thanks for letting me know that, may look into it. Need a cool idea 1st


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