Restful WCF / EF POCO / UnitOfWork / Repository / MEF article

Numerous people have asked me to create a LOB (line of business) app that showed how I would typically structure my layers between a front end and a database (this was mainly asked for by users of my Cinch MVVM framework)

Whilst I have limited time, I am working on a rather large open source project where I kind of do a lot of this already, and I wanted to write some of that up, so I thought I could take some time out to create a rather dumbed down article which shows some of the stuff I do in my larger OSS project.

As such I published a new article which uses the following elements:

  • Inversion of control (I am using the new MEF drop)
  • Log4Net
  • Unit Of Work pattern
  • Repository pattern
  • Restful WCF using the new WCF WebApis

I have provided a simple console app demo client, for the moment. I plan on coming back and making a better front end when I have more time.

If this is of interest to you, you should pop over and read the full article over at this link :


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