C# MVP 2012

A new year brings me good fortune, I have been made a Microsoft Visual C# MVP again for 2012. I am grateful, it’s a nice thing to get.

I never work towards the goal of getting the MVP, I just do what I do, and consider it a nice thing to get, but if I do not manage to get it one year, that would be ok by me. I put my all into everything I do, and this year and last year that has involved a lot of time spent on 2 OSS projects (Cinch and another which I am working on right now). Now I know what a good OSS project can take out of you, its a lot of work. Strange thing is that Microsoft do not consider OSS projects when the evaluate  a candidate for the MVP award, which in my opinion is an oversight.

There has in fact been quite a bit of hullabaloo about this of late, due to legendary Client App developer Rob Eisenberg, who did not get his MVP for this year. Now I don’t know if you all know Robs work, but his Caliburn.Micro OSS project is pretty freekin cool. In fact way back when WPF was brand new Rob was the man there too, and the 1st person to have any sort of framework that aided developers out at all.

In my mind it is pretty bad that Rob did not get his MVP this year, but that is just my opinion. You can read what Rob thought over at his blog : http://devlicio.us/blogs/rob_eisenberg/archive/2012/01/04/how-i-lost-regained-and-then-turned-down-an-mvp-award.aspx

Its a very interesting read.

Anyway I am pleased to be an MVP again, but I am may not be next year, who knows, I think people should just do what comes naturally to them, and if that results in some sort of recognition great, if not ho hum, you are doing it your way, so just carry on.


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