Cinch news

If you use my Cinch MVVM framework I have some news.

I have just down a new update to improve several areas, and have also added some extra helper classes.

Here is a breakdown of what has been added/changed

1. Resynced with MefedMVVM version 75221
2. Added GenericRule class, which means no more casting inside rule class
3. Added Validator class, which can be used as stand alone validator class when you do not wish to (or can not) inherit from the Cinch validating base ViewModels/Models
4. Added new ViewModel interface IViewStatusAwareWindowInjectionAware, to allow WPFUIVisualizerService service to inject full IViewAwareStatusWindow into popup ViewModel
5. Added WeakDelegateReference class, does what it says really
6. Altered WPFUIVisualizerService to fix this issue : http://cinch.codeplex.com/discussions/263365

7. Added AsyncHost (WPF Only) (read the comments at top of this file to see example usage)
8. Added CircularProgressBar (WPF Only)
9. Added AsyncFailedUserControl (WPF Only)
10. Added AsyncBusyUserControl (WPF Only)

5 thoughts on “Cinch news

  1. Hello Sacha, it seems to be there is problem with IsDirty in this release. When it try to get
    “this.HasPropertyChanged(“dataValue”);” from saved state it always false, because the key in the dictionary is “DataValue” and not “dataValue”. I tried to change it to “DataValue” but the model throws StackOverflowException on OnBeginEdit. I’ll check it again and try to create issue on codeplex. Maybe there is some change for usin IsDirty in this release, in previous version it was OK.
    Thank you for you framework. It saves a lot of time.

    1. The only file that changed this release that could affect that is EditableValidatingObject, can you confirm that the class you are having this issue with is a class of yours that inherits from this Cinch class type?

    2. Do you know what version you were using before where it was ok, as I have not changed that at all, yet can see what you mean

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