CinchV2 and PRISM 4 Interoperability

I have been working on 2 small demo apps using my CinchV2 MVVM framework code used in conjunction with the latest PRISM 4 release (which now uses MEF).

I am actually pretty happy with the results of how easy these 2 frameworks work together, it is almost seamless.

So if you are a fan of PRISM features such as Regions/Modules etc etc, but want some of the goodness from Cinch like the ViewModel base classes and UI Services, then the article I have made to cover these demo apps could be for you.

The url to the article is right here :


6 thoughts on “CinchV2 and PRISM 4 Interoperability

  1. Benny says:

    Cool, Thanks for your effort

  2. Moose says:

    Hi Sacha… just noticed that your links to your cinch framework on CodePlex are adding to the url i.e

    cheers chap

  3. sacha says:

    Thanks Moose all fixed

  4. Mark says:

    Hi Sacha,
    somewhere in the comments of this codeproject article
    I noticed one of your comments stating that you´re about to write a book with Daniel Vaughan. Any hints for us when this could be available (or if it already is) and if it would cover your Cinch framework too?

    • sacha says:

      Unfortunately the publisher had unrealistic scheduling demands, which were never going to possible, so the book was abandoned. As far as Cinch goes I have done V2, which is fully documented in a bunch of codeproject articles. I know Daniel is writing a Windows Phone 7 book.

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