CinchV2 : Latest News

I have just uploaded a new set of source code files for Cinch. I have taken this opportunity to fix several issues/suggestions that people put forward, and also fixed 1 silly MEF related mistake I made.

The release notes/source code codeplex comments tell the full story, but if you are using CinchV2, you should grab the latest copy, as it has 1 important fix that you should make sure you have latest code to fix.




  1. Hi, seem like the source code is missing ICinchDisposable file

    ISource file ‘..CinchV2ViewModelsICinchDisposable.cs’ could not be found (CS2001)

    Happy new year!!!


    1. Mac

      I have fixed that SVN checkin problem with that file ICinchDisposable, thanks for alerting me to it. Cheers


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