CinchV2 : Latest News

I have just uploaded a new set of source code files for Cinch. I have taken this opportunity to fix several issues/suggestions that people put forward, and also fixed 1 silly MEF related mistake I made.

The release notes/source code codeplex comments tell the full story, but if you are using CinchV2, you should grab the latest copy, as it has 1 important fix that you should make sure you have latest code to fix.


3 thoughts on “CinchV2 : Latest News

  1. Hi, seem like the source code is missing ICinchDisposable file

    ISource file ‘..CinchV2ViewModelsICinchDisposable.cs’ could not be found (CS2001)

    Happy new year!!!

    1. Mac

      I have fixed that SVN checkin problem with that file ICinchDisposable, thanks for alerting me to it. Cheers

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