A Phone Like WPF Control

As some of you may know I have been dormant on the blogging / article front for a while now. Which is due to me taking some time out to write a web based tool for myself and possibly others, which is taking all my free time. Thing is I needed a diversion, so found some time to create a well known phone type control.

If this is of interest to anyone have a look at it here : http://www.codeproject.com/KB/WPF/PhoneLikeControl.aspx

Here is a screen shot or 2 of it in action.

This is conceptually what is going on, we simply show an active BlockContainer, but allow user to scroll to others that are waiting in the wings.


And here is in with a block expanded




  1. I have followed you posts on the Code Project, very good btw, and I was wondering about an issue I am having in one of my application (sorry I found no other way to contact you). I would like an option if that is possible. Every time I release a new version of this application, I have to go manually and change the SQL/Express Database, like add or remove columns. What do you think it would be a good solution to automate this process?


  2. Thank you for your input. BTW, also thanks a lot for the explanation about Thread in code project site.


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