Just A Quick Note To Say What I am Up To

Its been a while since I did any serious blogging, I have not forgotten about my blog, far from it, I have just been quite tied up writing up articles of late, Cinch V2 kept me pretty occupied.

But anyway here is a list of things that I am up to, right now

Main Focus

Being a dad

Secondary Focus

So what else am I up to, well I am in the middle of creating a pretty large ASP .NET MVC project that is a tool that I think may help many developers. I don’t want to say too much about it, but I honestly think it will be a really really useful tool. What I can say is that you will be able to interact with the website right from inside VS2010 using a VS2010 addin, and that I will be releasing the code onto Codeplex, as another opensource project, and I will write it all up over at codeproject anyway, as the web site design uses some nice AJAX JQuery along with ASP .NET MVC, which I think might interest some folk by itself, and I shall also be talking about how to create a VS2010 add in, and of course I will explain what the tools job is, and hopefully you lot will see that it could be useful to you too.

And Finally

I have also been asked to be a technical reviewer for a friends book, which I will commence work on next week.


So as you can see I am still busy, its just that I tend to work on larger things these days, and that takes up more time, which leaves less time for blogging.

I do have a plan for a IPhone like control which I will write for WPF, when I find a spare minute.


Anyway just wanted to let you all know that, I am doing stuff, and that is what I am doing.



  1. I am waiting for your new ASP.NET MVC tool to try out.
    I have been watching some of your WCF projects lately, once such as project is

    “Dynamic LINQ To Entities Queries Using WCF/WPF”

    I really like the idea of single service operation like “ExecuteRequest” and call it with a request class as parameter instead of using multiple service operations such as

    GetCustomersWithFilter .. etc.

    If you use single method you cannot use this as a “REST”. Right?
    What if I have say 200 service request class?

    I know you written this article two years ago, what is the recommended approach. Use with single operation or multiple operations (contracts)?

    Have a great family time.


    1. Yeah if you want REST, you could not do this. This approach works best for non RESTful APIs. And I would reccommend it for that type of thing. New tool is not that revolutionary, but I think it will be useful, doing it just to get into MVC (give some web stuff another go, its been a while since I did some, STRUTS was last thing I did with J2EE)


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