New Enterprise Level Messaging Article Out

Where I work we have a number of disparate systems, which were all written at different times by different people, luckily all use the same technologies, that being .NET.

Though they are all written in differing versions of .NET, for example my team is lucky enough to be able to work in .NET3.5 SP1 / .NET 4.0, but we must also interface to older systems, and some other new’ish systems.

For the newish systems it’s a no brainer we use WCF, and as we want all messages to be reliable we use MSMQ binding for that.

But for the older systems it is a problem, do you write some custom MSMQ code, or do you look around for some sort of generic messaging solution.

I decided that I would look around and see what was freely available generic messaging solutions are out there, and I decided to write up my findings in a new article which goes into my findings in quite a lot of detail.

The particular framework that I picked up was called NServiceBus which seems to be pretty mature, and has been around for a while and works well with:

  • Winforms
  • ASP . NET
  • WPF
  • WCF

It also offers Pub/Sub, FullDuplex Client Server types of topology, and inbuilt message persistence using NHibernate, and allows the users to pick their own IOC container of choice.

It seemed to more than fill our requirements. I should mention that it did take me a while to get my head around how NServiceBus does things, all of which I present in the article.

I am really pleased with how the article turned out, and would urge you all to have a read, and if you like what you see please leave me a vote/comment I would appreciate that. These articles do take a while to write/investigate, and it is always nice to know ones hard work is appreciated, so as I say if you like the article please DO leave a vote/comment on the articles forum.

The full article can be obtained here :



  1. Hi Sacha,

    I have been looking at nservicebus as well, been to a few of Udi’s free talks at SkillsMatter in London and its pretty cool stuff. When I read the title I hoped you had looked at it.

    All the best



  2. you article at
    is very excellent.

    the portion explaining MTA and STA is clear and concise and good. However, I have some enqueries:
    (1) I am trying to convert PubSub for NServiceBus to WPF for both Publisher and Subscribers. For the Subscribers, I have successfully converted to WPF to receive messages from the console Publisher, without considering about MTA and STA.
    (2) Can I say that I need to consider MTA and STA for the Publisher only?
    (3) I have tried to implement your CrossThreadTestRunner into the Publisher_WPF, but it does not seem to be able to send any messages. I would need your help. Thanks.

    Thiam Huat


    1. Sorry I just don’t have the time to help anyone right now, in the middle of big open source project. No time


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