Cinch + Latest Enhancements = I Am Finally Done

Ok everyone, this is hopefully it my last Cinch posting, then back to some other stuff for me.

I have this weekend made the following enhancements, and they were enhancements there was nothing wrong with codebase prior to this, but they were good ideas people gave me so I included them.

  • Altered Cinch V1 DataWrapper to take a Action in its constructor such that when the Cinch code generator is used the non auto generated part of the overall ViewModel class will be called back using the Action passed to the constructor of the DataWrapper when a property changes. Also got rid of ridiculous condtructors on the DataWrapper class, and also made it a partial class
  • Modified the Cinch code generator to support this, so when you next run the code generator you will see what it did. I basically added another callback call inside of DataWrapper<T> class
  • Altered Cinch V2 DataWrapper the same way as I did for V1 above.
  • Removed small issue in the WorkspaceData.ToString() override where I did not take into account a possible null dataValue. As you never know what this value could be (it could be any object) I have removed the ToString for the dataValue entirely. This is described at :
  • Made the following classes partial
    • ValidatingObject (Cinch v1 and Cinch v2)
    • ValidatingViewModelBase (Cinch v1 and Cinch v2)
    • ViewModelBase (Cinch v1)
    • ValidatingViewModelBase (Cinch v1)
    • WorkspaceData (Cinch v2 WPF only)
  • Added a new ViewAwareStatusWindow service targeting Windows
  • Added a Non mandatory extra event to WorkSpaceData that can be used to cancel a closing of a workspace. Revised WPF demo to show this for ImageLoader workspace and left About workspace as it was to show it is not mandatory.
  • Resynced with MeffedMVVM release 58837

But that is my done with Cinch now, unless someone finds a bad bug that breaks loads of things in which case I will of course take notice, but until then Hasta La Vista Baby…..More new stuff to enjoy whoohoo




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