Cinch V2 Part 6 : Out Now (Also my 100th article at codeproject)

I have just released the 6th and final part in my Cinch V2 article series. This article covers Silverlight4 support using Cinch.

It can be read using this link :


It is also my 100th article over at codeproject, which means a great deal to me, and if you like what I do, I would really appreciate some votes and comments for that article, so please do that, if you feel inclined.

I will be doing a few enhancements to Cinch based on some cool ideas people have suggested. But once I do that, I fully intend on making it to 200 codeproject articles or more. As such I have a massive list of stuff that I want to learn, and I will be cracking on with that, and shall also get back to properly blogging. Enough of this self promotional horse crap thing, that has been happening lately with Cinch, it just had to be done, and it has been done now, so thanks everyone and thanks for all the tuna….But me and Cinch are now done, as I have more interesting things to do.


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