Life After Cinch

Some of you may have noticed that lately my blog in all Cinch this Cinch that, well I too am getting bored, but I am not one of those people to give up on something…So another 3 articles to go, then I will give up.

But I am also one of those folks that needs something to do, so when I finish Cinch, here are some things you can expect from me again

  • More stuff on Tasks namespace and Parallel goodness
  • WF4 (as that is something I am beginning to like)
  • Serializing Expression
  • Expression evaluator (I know there are loads, but its for fun)
  • RX

And anything else I might fancy…So sorry about all the Cinch, I am bored too, but I will get back to my old ways do not worry


2 thoughts on “Life After Cinch

  1. Beyers Cronje says:

    For us new to Cinch we most certainly do not mind you spending some time on Cinch, the more information on v2 the better 🙂

  2. sacha says:

    Thats good as I just pushed out 3rd article :

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