Life After Cinch

Some of you may have noticed that lately my blog in all Cinch this Cinch that, well I too am getting bored, but I am not one of those people to give up on something…So another 3 articles to go, then I will give up.

But I am also one of those folks that needs something to do, so when I finish Cinch, here are some things you can expect from me again

  • More stuff on Tasks namespace and Parallel goodness
  • WF4 (as that is something I am beginning to like)
  • Serializing Expression
  • Expression evaluator (I know there are loads, but its for fun)
  • RX

And anything else I might fancy…So sorry about all the Cinch, I am bored too, but I will get back to my old ways do not worry



  1. For us new to Cinch we most certainly do not mind you spending some time on Cinch, the more information on v2 the better 🙂


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