CinchV2 is out there

I am very very pleased to announce that Cinch V2 (version 2 of my MVVM framework) is out there in the wild, I have 1 very minor fix to make to the codebase tonight, but it is trivial. Otherwise it is good to go. I have plans for 6 articles to describe Cinch V2, and part1 of this is already available at codeproject.

Here is the link for the 1st article in this series

Oh it now works for Silverlight too, so knock yourselves out.


6 thoughts on “CinchV2 is out there

  1. Greg says:

    Would Cinch (v1 or 2) be suitable for Windows Phone 7 development?


    • sacha says:

      As the WP7 is SL3, Cinch v1 will not work as CinchV1 was WPF only, CinchV2 targets SL4. So no go there either. I would have a look at, that works on SL/WPF and WP7.

  2. Greg says:

    Thanks for that.


  3. Great stuff Sacha!

    Regarding documentation, I’m new to Cinch, would it still be worth while going over your articles on Cinch v1 on CodeProject, or have v2 changed so much that the old articles are not applicable any more?


    • sacha says:

      No you should 100% read the V1 docs 1st, as they hold lots of valuable info, the big thing that has changed in V2 is how the service get into each VM. They no longer use a ServiceResolver or an IOC container, and use MEF instead. The V1 attached props are now blend behaviours, but perform same job, there is more new code, but core parts are the same apart from what I just mentioned. And Cinch code generator works for both V1 and V2

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