CinchV2 : More sneak previews

I am nearly done with the Silverlight 4 CinchV2 demo app. Here is a sneak peak


Validation failure using Cinch inbuilt validation rules (same as Cinch V1).


MessageBox service support.


EventToCommandTrigger and VisualStateManagerService


ChildWindow management service

I will now start working on the articles.



  1. I’m very excited. You’ve really done a good job and thus helped me to make my projects better. Thanx again…


  2. Chriss

    I have now finished entire codebase and completed WPF and SL4 demo apps. So All I need to do now is write 1st part of the new articles, and then it will be out there in the wild. I am hoping to get 1st article up next week, but after that I am on holiday for 2 weeks, so people that are keen (such as yourself) may have to trawl the code unguided until I get back from holiday and do the rest of the articles.

    There are some major changes and it will break a lot of stuff, but I have to say this was a concious decision, and am not that sorry about it to be honest, as I feel CinchV2 is far far better than V1.

    So a few breakages here and there I don’t mind.

    Core stuff is mainly the same. Areas that are different will be clearly highlighted in new articles.

    So the answer to your question should be sometime next week.

    As far as Daniels work, I like it, bit do not think I would use it, have a look at Josh Smiths comments in the forum of Daniels article, a lot of it comes out of the box in WPF.


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