Sneak Preview Of CinchV2 In Action

Over the course of this weekend I finished up the CinchV2 WPF demo app, and am now working on the Cinch V2 Silverlight 4 demo app.

I am really really thrilled with how it has all worked out.

Here is a screen shot of the WPF app running:


And here is one of the Views open at design time in Blend observe that cool design time data.


Ah, excellent. So I just have to do the Silverlight 4 demo app, and then I can write the 1st of the articles and give you all the code.

I have to say I am really really really pleased with what I can now do with CinchV2.


9 thoughts on “Sneak Preview Of CinchV2 In Action

  1. Joe Ginley says:

    Hello, I ended up on your website from I have looked fairly over your software on the Publications page. I enjoy a lot of the software you have created and the ideas you come up with. They are like none other and WPF is something new for everyone working with .NET. I thought I would stop by and say hey and that you should come over to my website and check out the software I have been working with over the past 3 years (yea not a lot I know haha) but I would appreciate your feedback on myself. Again thanks and I would like to say you have a really nice thing going for yourself, ever think of working with other programmers?


    GINtech Systems

  2. Chriss says:

    Perfect! šŸ™‚ I can’t expect it, that Cinch becomes ready. Especially on the Silverlight- and MEF-support, I’m interessted.

  3. Joe Ginley says:

    Appreciate the comment, and nice work to yourself. Good luck with it all.

  4. Marlon says:

    cool stuff dude šŸ™‚

  5. Ced says:

    Hi sacha,
    First a big thanks for your framework
    I can’t wait longer to try this new version, can i download it somewhere ?
    I ‘ve checked but found only V1.


    • sacha says:


      Thanks. V2 code is done, but I will not be putting it up at codeplex, until I have written both SL and WPF demos and also the 1st article. Luckily I have done WPF demo and am almost all the way through SL one. So please just wait a while longer. Couple of weeks or so I guess.

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