Bigup And Thanks To My Readers

It seems I did rather well in last months codeproject monthly competitions, where my Timeline WPF control won both the C# category and the overall best article category.

I am sure this is all thanks to most of you that read my blog, so a massive thanks to you all.

To thank you all I plan on releasing a tirade (a veritable tsunami) or articles on the new version of Cinch that I have developed. I honestly do believe it is my best work to date (I know I say that every time, but this time I mean it, well until the next time I guess).

So watch out for that, I have done the code base, and am about 50% through the demo apps (WPF and SL), and then I will be starting the articles.

Anyway thanks ye all


2 thoughts on “Bigup And Thanks To My Readers

  1. Gert-Jan van der Kamp says:

    Hey Sacha,

    You’re very welcome, and thanks back at you for all the time you invest in teaching us this stuff. Much apreciated!

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