WPF : Using PRISM Regions Outside Of PRISM

I have just published a small article which shows you how to use PRISMs regions outside of PRISM.

I feel that PRISMs region support is very good and helps you create complex UI without resorting to loads of untestable code behind, and can easily be mocked if you use a region service similar to what I show in the article.

If you have no idea what PRISM regions are this article may help you, and if you have used PRISM before but just like the region support it offers, this article may also be for you.

Anyway check it out, and have a play with the demo app:




  1. Nice post Sacha.

    That’s kind of any oxymoron. Prism is the pieces, not the whole. I get your point, but I am still going to give you a hard time 🙂

    Actually in the docs we actually called what you are referring to as a “Prism” app, as the CAL baseline architecture. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd490827(v=MSDN.10).aspx

    We designed with the idea that some folks would use that architecture but others would pick and choose the pieces they want. There’s actually a term for that, it’s called subsetability.

    Keep up the great work Sacha!


  2. intruiging article.. I like your perspective on this subject. Although there are a few points I deviate on though. But I believe that resolves a few issues for me personally. Anyone else agree?


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