Embedding PicLens In Your Own Apps

I have always been amazed at just how cool the CoolIris PicLens browser addin is. Its really really cool, top drawer in fact. The other day I was wondering if there would be an API or way that I could use this in my own app, after all I could host something in my own HTML page within a WebBrowser control, which itself is hosted inside my own WPF/WinForms app.

As luck would have it there is a JavaScript API which one can use. So I looked into this and came up with a small demo app which shows you how to embed the CoolIris PicLens browser addin  in your own apps.

I wrote a full article about this over at this url :


And here is a small screen shot of the demo application that I built running (this is WPF, but the article could easily be applied to WinForms).


In the article I talk through the following things

  • Flash interaction
  • FlashVars
  • SwiftObject creation
  • RSS Media
  • Browser Manipulation (shows how to call JavaScrtipt from WPF C# code)
  • the msHtml namespace and it’s capabilities
  • Mark Of The Web


It is a very small article, but I think it is quite a compelling one, just because PicLens is so awesome.



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